Niagara Candle Supplies

Fragrance Oils

Almond (Flash Point 150F) A rich, wonderful almond aroma marry with sweet coconut and powder at the base.

Apple & Clove (Flash Point 142F) A harvest fresh romance between fresh golden apples and white clover flowers. You’ll love this sweet harvest delight!

Apple (Flash Point 200F) A crisp, sweet, red apple fragrance.

Baby Powder (Flash Point 200F) Smells of a newborn baby, fresh powder and light florals.

Banana Nut Bread (Flash Point 170F) A delicious blend of smooth banana, chopped pecans, a hint of creamy caramel, and smooth vanilla makes this a wonderfully edible aroma!

Berry Breeze (Flash Point >122F) A crisp, fruity mix of green ozone, juicy raspberry, sweet strawberry, peach, pineapple and jasmine. Completed with nuances of citrus, carnation and musk.

Birds of Paradise (Flash Point > 200F) This is our version of the popular Circle E Candle Type fragrance-Sweet tropical berries mingle with the aroma of rich lotus blossoms and vanilla orchid.

Birthday Cake Nice and rich with hints of vanilla and creaming icing

Blueberry Muffin (Flash Point 160F) Fresh plump blueberries blended with creamy vanilla and a fresh baked aroma, lightly accented with warm spices. Smells good enough to eat.

Brown Sugar & Fig (Flash Point >200F) Ripe figs sprinkled with warm caramelized maple brown sugar, blended with creamy coconut milk and a touch of soft, velvety musk for an enticing aromatic scent!

Butterscotch Brulee (Flash Point >125F) Sweet and gooey this fragrance incorporates caramel and butterscotch and light nutty notes.

Cabernet Wine

Cappuccino (/Flash Point 210F) A blend of hazelnuts, freshly brewed coffee, and light milk notes.

Carrot Cake (Flash Point >200F) a warm spicy fragrance with buttery cake notes and a touch of allspice.

Cashmere (Flash Point 200F) A warm, herbal musk fragrance with notes of vanilla, muguet, sandalwood and patchouli, with top notes of mandarin and lime.

Cedar A pleasing woodsy aroma.

Cherry (Flash point 200F) A pungent rendition of ripe, sweet cherries.

Cherry Vanilla

Chocolate (Flash Point 210F) Sweet and rich, this fragrance captures the essence of fine chocolate.

Chocolate Coffee Orange Hints of orange and chocolate appear in this coffee lover's dream.

Cinnamon (Flash Point 200F) A rich, pungent cinnamon reminiscent of fresh cinnamon sticks.

Cinnamon Buns (Flash point >200F) Warm, buttery cake notes are enhanced by freshly grated cinnamon, topped off with a sugary glaze.

Cinnamon Hearts

Cinnamon Sticks

Citronella (Flash point 175F) This fragrance has the fresh, clean, scent of a ripe citrus lemon, infused with a slightly woodsy smell that’s very refreshing!

Clean Linen (Flash Point 185F) A fresh aromatic fragrance that captures the essence of line dried laundry. White florals of lily, cyclamen, and paperwhites are brushed with touches of amber, teakwood, and orris.

Coconut Lime (Flash Point 200F) Luscious blend of fresh coconut, lime and fragrant verbena, warmed by vanilla and musk.

Crackling Fireplace  A cozy warm, woodsy fragrance with hints of pine.

Cranberry Chutney (Flash Point 150F) Sweet, luscious cranberry is blended with light notes of ripe, chopped apple and hint of luscious blackberry to create a sweet, fruit blend.

Creamy Chai Latte A fresh orangey scent with hints of cinnamon, mint and clove.

Cucumber (Flash Point 200F) Crisp, cool cucumber is perfectly captured in this rendition.

Downy Type The unmistakable smell of clean laundry fresh out of the dryer.

French Pear (Flash Point 150F) The essence of a crisp, fresh, tree-ripened pear is captured in this luscious pear fragrance.

French Vanilla (Flash Point 200F) The perfectly balanced blend of french vanilla with top notes of white chocolate with bottom notes of a ultimately rich vanilla cream.

Fresh Cut Grass (Flash Point >200F) A blend of green leafy and stem notes with light undertones of muguet, violet, and peony.

Fruit Fantasia (Flash Point >122F) A sweet medley of fruits and spices. Top notes of fresh floral, grape, muguet, sweet berries with a hint of citrus. Mild notes of juicy spice, rose, lilac and jasmine. Powder, musk and amber at the base.

Gardenia (Flash Point 190F) Capture the essence of heady gardenia with this green-floral scent.

Ghosts and Goblins

Gingerbread Egg Nog Two classic holiday aromas are blended into this sweet scent.

Green Tea (Flash Point 185F) A blend of herbal green tea, with light notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, and muguet.

Hot Apple Pie (Flash Point 180F) Layer after layer of apple resides on a light flaky crust harmoniously infused with a wealth of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Hyacinth (Flash Point 190F) The floral fresh aroma of real hyacinth flowers.

Iced lemon biscotti (Flash Point 155F) A delectable blend of rich vanilla, sugar, lemon zest, sparkling bergamot and toasted hazelnut.

Jack Frost Wintergreen and peppermint blended with a creamy vanilla aroma.

Lavender (Flash Point 200F) A truly herbal fragrance blending the rich note s of lavender with a hint of warm wood notes.


Lilac (Flash Point 200F) This heady, true lilac scent brings to mind a lovely row of lilac bushes in a lovingly-tended, country garden.

Love Spell (Flash Point 135F) Victoria’s Secret Type, A lavishly lush blend of cherry blossom, muguet, red apple and Georgia peach, with hints of tamarind and blondewood.

Mango & Papaya (Flash Point 130F) Sweet and brisk, this luscious tropical fragrance blends notes of mango and papaya with mandarin, grapefruit, and pineapple.

Midnight Clear

Orange Creamsicle (Flash Point 140F) It’s a delicious, creamy, fruity sensation. Top notes of ozone floral, muguet, pineapple and sweet orange. Smells just like an orange creamsicle ice cream.

Passion Melon (Flash Point 195F) Sweet, ripe, freshly sliced passion melon is captured in this smooth aroma.

Patchouli A deep, musky, earthy aroma.

Pina Coloda (Flash Point 190F) Pineapple and coconut are blended together with light notes of vanilla bean, light musk, and mandarin.

Pink petal roses (Flash Point 200F) Light musk forms the base for mid notes of cool peony, rich roses.

Pink Sugar (Flash Point >200F) This yummy fragrance is topped fresh bergamot, and orange citrus with hints of berries, muget, strawberries and plum.

Plumeria (Flash Point 185F) Sweet floral combination of jasmine, lilac, rose and lily of the valley with light fruity notes of peach, lemon, lime, and tart green apple.

Rain (Flash Point 194F) Clean and ozonic fragrance combine peony and water lily to create this fresh soft fragrance.

Sandalwood (Flash Point 210F) This rich woody fragrance combines the warm notes of sandalwood with cedarwood, oakmosss, osmanthus, and light herbs.

Satsuma A refreshing, zesty citrus fragrance.

Sensual Amber (Flash Point 170F) Warm amber and light musk blend with patchouli and wood notes, with light mandarin top notes.

Spiced Citrus Cider A blend of citrus fruits and cinnamon with a touch of clove.

Spiced Cranberry Fresh cranberry perfectly balanced with a the warm spicy aroma of cloves.

Spiced Pumpkin Pie Fresh baked pumpkin pie with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.

Sweet Peach

White Spruce

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